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Reseller Payments:

RAP Addons Commissions work a little differently than you may be used to. Instead of receiving x% of each sale, you will receive 100% reseller payments on a % of your sales paid directly to you by the customer.

This works out to the same amount, but allows you to be paid for your sales immediately into your Paypal account.

Once you log into the reseller center you will see each product you are able to promote along with the % that you will receive the full reseller payment.

A simple example of how this works if the product you can promote says 50% then you will be paid directly from the customer on every other sale.

Admin, You, Admin, You, Admin, You, Admin, You

A simple example of how this works is if the product you can promote says 75% then you will be paid directly from the customer 3 out of 4 sales.

Admin, You, You, You, Admin, You, You, You,

In all situations the admin gets paid for the first sale. At purchase time the reseller payment % is calculated in real time to assure that the reseller (you) is receiving the proper commission.

Payment of Commissions:

Commissions are delivered straight to your PayPal account. (You must have a Premier or Business account in order to receive affiliate payments.  (Personal Paypal accounts are limited in the amount of funds and types of payments they can receive.)

RAP Addons 's reseller payment system has been specifically designed to do this. Your affiliate ID is your Paypal email address or the "Nickname" that you choose below. NO Waiting for monthly or bi-monthly payments.


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